Patient’s often come to us concerned about the safety of teeth whitening treatments. While the treatment does involve the use of bleach, it is at a safe, concentrated level that poses little to no risk. While teeth whitening is a safe procedure, like all treatment there is the possibility of side effects occurring. These normally include tooth sensitivity, tender gums and/or a sore throat. Tooth sensitivity will often only last for a short period and will go away on its own however your dentist may recommend you use a sensitive toothpaste for this period. Tender gums and a sore throat will usually only be a side effect for those that use an at home whitening kit and overfill the bleaching tray. This causes the treatment to leak out onto gum or down the throat. Like sensitivity this irritation will go away by itself after a couple of days. Before you begin treatment, your dentist will assess your teeth and oral health to confirm that you are suitable candidate for whitening. This will help reduce any risk of side effects occurring.

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